The Olmec Head

Welcome to our new series, today we will be talking about the Olmec head, an object that was added to the game today. This can be collected by reaching 1,000 FP( Friend Points).

This appeared in a Simpsons episode called “Blood Feud”. This was the last episode in the second season. In this episode Mr. Burns becomes ill with hypohemia. This causes the hody to run out of blood and so he needs a blood transfusion. His blood type double O negative, is very rare and no one he knows has it. However, Homer discovers that Bart has the same blood and urges his son to donate, promising that he will be handsomely rewarded. Bart reluctantly agrees and his blood saves Mr. Burns’ life. Burns is rejuvenated by the blood and he sends the Simpson family a thank you card. However, Homer isnt happy with a thank you card and writes an insulting reply, but Marge convinces him at the last minute not to send it. The next morning, Homer discovers that the letter is gone as Bart has mailed it.

Bart explains that he knew Homer would probably change his mind, and decided to send the letter before that could happen. Homer desperately tries to prevent the letter from reaching Burns, but fails. Mr. Burns becomes furious and demands that Homer should be beaten. However, his assistant Smithers calls off the beating on the grounds that that is no way to thank the man who saved Mr. Burns’s life. Smithers convinces Burns to instead reward the Simpson family. The Simpsons receive an antique which is the Olmec head that Bart, the blood donor, likes, and which Homer hates. At the end, as the family stare at the head, the Simpsons debate on what the moral of this whole story is. It cannot be ‘A good deed is its own reward’ as Bart got a reward he likes, but at the same time it is not ‘No good deed goes unrewarded’ as they never would have received anything if Homer had not written the angry letter. Homer decides that there is not a lesson to be learned from this, as it’s “just a bunch of stuff that happened, but it still was a memorable few days”.

You may be unsure whether you should buy this in game, however, this specific item can not be bought and is rewarded to you. So keep visiting friends and earn that as it is a very unique episode. Thanks for reading and keep tapping!



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