Valentine’s day event is over!

An update has hit, it is now available on IOS and android. Are you happy the event is over, did you clear the wheel?

So far, I can confirm a new friend point system has been added to the game. What happens is every time you go to a friends town, you recieve friend points. Professor Frink wanted them to be called Frink points. You’ll see what I’m on about when you go into your games! The idea of it is very simple and like the Valentines day. When you go to your friends towns, the stake goes down. Here is the figures:

Between 0-30 actions you get 10 Friend Points
Between 30-60 actions you get 5 Friend Points
Between 60-90 actions you get 4 Friend Points
Between 60-120 actions you get 2 Friend Points
Between 120-300 actions you get 1 Friend Points

The prizes on offer at the moment are: The Olmec head, The Singing Sirloin, Snowball II, Homer’s car and Stampy the elephant.

This is all that has been added to the game, if you see anything else, let us know!


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