Telling Tales Part One

Why hello there! You caught me in my inventive mood. I’m sure you will learn a lot about myself and Maxim during our time at this blog, but one thing close to my heart is writing. I love writing. That is why I have decided to start a series of posts called “Telling Tales”. Basically, I’m going to start a story and YOU have to compete to write the next part. Send your potential storylines to So, you need to know what to follow right? Well here is my start so far. Make yours about ten sentences long.

As Lisa lay motionless on the floor, Milhouse sat at her feet waiting for someone to arrive. He was distraught, what had he done? Suddenly Bart fell out of his tree shouting “Ay Carumba!”. Milhouse looked at Bart disapprovingly as Bart looked at his motionless sister. He felt a tear come to his eye. They both sat there thinking the worst. As they began to reminice how Lisa had annoyed themm btoh, but also helped them, a noise came from behind them. The noise grew louder and louder. As they looked behind, they saw…

Be sure to add your wordpress name when you send us your entry, you have until next Thursday!



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