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Episodes from the weekend : You don’t have to live like a referee

Hey, welcome back to a new episode of “Episodes from the weekend”. Today we will be talking about the episode which aired over the weekend, ” You don’t have to live like a referee” (S25E16).

This episode ties in with a real life event happening soon, the 2014 Fifa world cup in Brazil, hence why it has aired on this date. So, at the start, Lisa competes against many other children in a Springfield elementary speech contest. There are many things you can talk about in speeches, but she decides to praise the youth soccer field. The judges really like this speech and so invite the Simpson family to Brazil so Homer can be a referee for the world cup. They accept but Homer’s honesty then gets tested by one of the biggest, most powerful and well known South American gangsters in the soccer match bribing business.

So, that’s all for today’s episode reflection. Remember, you can always watch these episodes on to catch up, happy tapping,



Thought of the Week: Level 39 Buildings

Level 39 saw us get three new buildings; Sanjay’s House, Apu’s Apartment and E.A.R.L. In this post I’m going to talk about all three, as well as give my opinions.

Sanjay’s House


Sanjay’s House costs $438,000 and when purchased unlocks Sanjay. It generates $120 and 12XP every 6 hours. Oddly, there are no permanent tasks associated with this building.

My opinion on Sanjay’s House is quite a good one. A lot of people have been asking for more housing, and although I wasn’t one of them, I don’t mind having another unique house.  I like the overall look of it, and I had fun designing it!


Here is my sort-of-boring design of Sanjay’s House.

Apu’s Apartment


Apu’s Apartment cost 160 donuts, with a $500 and 45XP return every  24 hours. In order to unlock Manjula, you have to buy this building. The only permanent task for it is one of Manjula’s.

Personally, I don’t really like this building. Over the past couple of months we have been give a lot of apartment buildings, and this one is as boring and annoying as the other ones.


I haven’t got around to designing mine yet; but here’s an in game image!



E.A.R.L. is the sixth prize to be added to the Friends Points system. It can be earned when you get 5000 FP or can be bought for 500 donuts but it gives no income. It can only be placed in the sea (not on land or in the rivers).

E.A.R.L. stands for Electronic Automatic Robot Lighthouse.

I love E.A.R.L! Having a lighthouse is really cool. I never saw anybody suggest it, but it’s definitely something people are going to want.


Mines pretty simple, but oh well. It should also be noted that when tapped on, it flashes.


Hi guys,
Just a quick post to bring you information of a livestream called theadiposetv. Adi, who runs the stream plays a variety of games, and the simpsons tapped out is one of his regular streams. At 9 pm he will be doing a giveaway at 150 viewers. So tune in then for a chance to win some free donuts!
Thats all for now, keep tapping

What we want in game: The White House

Hey, welcome back to our series titled “What we want in game”. Last week we said we wanted Apu’s apartment, and to my shock and many others, that same building came out for level 39 yesterday! Let’s hope we can always be that lucky! Today we will be talking about the White House and why it should be added.

To start off with, the white house is a building known all around the world as it is the home to the President of the United States. It is home to the current President of America, Barack Obama and the building first appeared in an episode titled ” Bart gets an F”. In that same episode, Bart had to study for a test which he didn’t know any of the answers to. However, it was forecast to snow later. He went to bed and dreamt about the founding fathers meeting in the White House, the subject of the test. However, he woke up half way through it as it started snowing, this annoyed him a lot as he couldn’t go out and play but had to revise instead!

Also, this building could come with Barack Obama who could have tons of jobs including Save the world, phone other presidents (a visual task, Barack Obama walking around holding a phone) and many more! I think this building would probably cost donuts because it is a major building and a must have, meaning EA would think everybody would buy it so they would make it cost about 200 donuts. However, maybe it could come with level 40! It may be released for the 4th of July event, or maybe even next years presidents day! There are lots of opportunities for it’s release.

That is all for today’s episode, come back next week for another episode! If you have any suggestions for next week, comment down below! Happy tapping,


Reflect the week: 23rd March – 29th March

Hey tappers!

I’m here today to bring you a new series that brings you the latest news from the week in the TSTO Fan World and the TSTO world. So without further ado, shall we begin?

Sunday – I kicked off the week with a lets take a look at of Tom o Flanagan while Maximbarne126 reminded you of the upcoming Simpsons episode

Monday – Maximbarne126 gave us two posts on Monday, his first was speculation about Apu’s apartment and his second was reccapping the War of Art

Wedensday – After taking a day off, we were back. The EA servers went down again, I began to build the game and Maximbarne126 told us where the grocery store came from

Thurday – Thursday saw our new writer, ChiefRalphWiggum give us the first part of his top ten decorations

Friday – I gave you a post about Pokey on Friday. Then level 39 arrived and bought Sanjay and Manjula with it. ChiefRalph bought us a premium themed poll and Maximbarne126 told us where Sanjay and his house came from.

So that is the week summed up for us. If you think we missed anything let us know and I will add it. For now, keep tapping