Homer’s Car, The Pink Sedan

Today, in our 4th episode of “where did that come from and should I buy it?”, we will be talking about Homer’s pink sedan. This can be collected when you reach 2,000 FP after reaching friendship level 4.

Homers car is a very well known thing in the Simpsons, especially as it appears in the opening  credits of every single episode! The Pink Sedan is one of two vehicles that belong to the Simpson family. It is Homer’s car, and he uses it almost exclusively. The car features minor damage on the left front fender (which Homer has never had repaired), driver’s side airbag, a bent up radio aerial, and has a *Trackstar 8-Track radio. It was made in Croatia, out of old Soviet tanks.

If you have watched the Simpsons you would know that this is a must have in the tapped out community and if you regularly visit the forum you would also know that lots of people have wanted this to be available in game for a long time. All in all, you should definitely buy this, however, it is not available to buy but can be collected by reaching 2,000 FP after reaching friendship level 4.

Happy tapping!



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