Requests to EA: Crazy Cat Lady

Hello Tappers!

I’m here today to bring you a post based on your feedback. You may know of the page put up a few days ago entitled requests to ea? Well this is our way of saying thank you for commenting on our site. We want you to comment on that page with items or buildings or characters you want to see in the game. We will then pick one of them to do a post on. Today, I will be writing a post about a woman who likes to scream and throw cats, yes, it’s the Crazy Cat Lady.

Eleanor Abernathy (Crazy Cat Lady) is a character who is not in The Simpsons Tapped Out but has plenty of potential to be released to the game. There are plenty of tasks she could have and she could come with one or two different buildings.


The Crazy Cat Lady could have the following tasks if she was added to the game:

Stand for mayor – 60mins – requires town hall

Think about the past – 2 hours – requires her house or outside

Buy cats – 4 hours – requires pet store

Drink at Moes – 8 hours

Give away cats – 12 hours

Throw Cats – 24 hours


Eleanor could come with:

Her house

Stand alone (bought with donuts)

That’s all on The Crazy Cat Lady, and I really wish she gets added to the game to boost the amount of female characters in the game, and because she is voiced by Tress Macneille.

Until next time,

Keep Tapping!



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