Lets Take A look at… Stampy the elephant

Hello and welcome back to the fifth episode of “where did that come from and should I buy it?”

Today we will be talking about Stampy the elephant who was added into the game with the removal of the valentines update.

Here is some history on this elephant, Bart won the elephant in a radio contest called “KBBL wants to Give You Something Stupid.” The listener (on this occasion Bart) was supposed to take $10,000 cash instead of the elephant (which was offered as a gag prize), but Bart caused a major uproar when he insisted on taking the elephant and was denied by the DJs Bill and Marty. KBBL management forced Bill and Marty to give Bart an elephant by threatening to fire them and replace them with a machine. Under the threat, the DJs got an elephant to give to Bart, and so Stampy went to live with the Simpsons!

Stampy quickly proved to be too much for the family to handle, however, as they didn’t have enough room for him and couldn’t afford the enormous quantities of food he needed. Then, Mr. Blackheart offered to buy him. However, the Simpsons decided to donate him to a wildlife preserve after Stampy rescued Homer and Barney from drowning in a tar pit. Apparently Stampy disliked being at the wildlife reserve and fought with the other elephants. At Apu’s wedding, Bart saw him riding an elephant. Bart stupidly commented, “I wish I had an elephant.” Lisa replied, “You did. His name was Stampy. You loved him.” His memory thus jogged, Bart simply replied, “Oh, yeah” as if he had completely forgotten about him!

Stampy also was involved in a plan by Bart help Krusty restore his public image. It was where Stampy puts Bart and Milhouse into his mouth so that Krusty can say the word Magombo and they will be released. During Trappucino, Stampy helped the townspeople to break the dome. He was the first to make a crack in it and the only one known to have done so as he was very strong.

Now for whether you should buy it or not. This is an amazing character as he played a major part in the movie and also earns money as he has 12hour and 24hour jobs! However, you cannot buy it but you can earn it by visiting friends, he will be awarded to you after reaching 2000 FP after reaching friendship level 5. Thank you and happy tapping! 😀



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