TSTO Around The World

Well hello there tappers!

I am one of those people who likes to play a lot of games, and have a lot of fun, that is why I have decided to open another game with you. This game requires no entries from you guys, all I need is for you to come to our site, and this is how the game works. When someone comes to our site, we can see the country you are in, this inspired me to start a game. You may know that over the 25 years of the Simpsons, we have seen lots of characters and skins from different countries of origin. That is how my game evolved.

What happens is each week, I will choose a country that has had a representative from it. I will then choose a character or skin that was associated with that country.  I will weigh up the pros and cons of that item, then decide if the character could be added to the game and what with.

This weeks chosen country is Korea, and the character we have chosen is Kim Jong Il.

In real life, he has sadly passed on, but, if EA takes my idea of adding guest stars (probably will never happen!) then he might make an appearance.

He could come with:

Springfield Theatre

Stand Alone

I think that he would work best as a stand alone as the theatre could come later in the game for a different purpose. His potential tasks include:

Shop at the Kwik e mart (60 mins)

Watch a musical about himself (8 hours in the theatre)

Rule Korea (12 hours in the town hall)

Clap (12 hours)

So this is this weeks character, lets wait and see what next week holds!



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