Episodes from the weekend

Today, we will be starting something new on this site. We will post about what has happened in the episode/s over the weekend, however, we will only do this when there is and episode tie-in involving these episode/s. This series will be called “Episodes from the weekend”.

The first episode we will be dicusssing is called “Diggs”. It was the 12th episode in the 25th season and aired over the weekend.

In this episode Bart is rescued from a confrontation with Springfield Elementary’s bullies by Diggs (Daniel Radcliffe), a recent transfer student and aspiring champion in the niche sport of falconry. After this happens they talk and Bart makes friends with Diggs. But Bart soon discovers that Diggs harbors aspirations on a far more grand scale than he thinks and realises that he wants to take to the skies himself, this shocks Bart.

Now for the second episode, “The man who grew too much”. This is the 13th episode of the 25th season and was also broadcast over the weekend.

On a research trip, Lisa is shocked to discover that Sideshow Bob is now the chief scientist at a massive chemical engineering company. She tries to stop him but instead learns that they both have a lot in common! Meanwhile, Marge becomes a sex education counselor for a youth church to preach about healthy sexual practices to a teen church but it doesn’t go as planned.

If you enjoy this series or want to suggest anything, post in the comments below or email TSTOFanWorld123@gmail.com Thanks



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