O Flanagan’s pub

Today we are going to be continuing our series of “where did that come from and should I buy it?”. Today we will be talking about a building that was recently added to the game for the St. Patrick’s day update. However, it did appear in the 2013 St. Patrick’s day update as well. This first appears in an episode called “In the name of the grandfather”, episode 14 of season 20.

Tom “O” flanagans pub (commonly called O’Flanagan’s Pub) is a bar in Dunkilderry, Ireland that has existed for a long time, since WWII. It is owned and named after Tom O flanagan. When Grandpa was young and he used to come to the pub, it was really popular: people danced and sang at the pub. The Simpsons also vsited the pub and again discovered it declined when people in Ireland started working. Homer and Grampa then bought the pub after they got drunk with Tom. They renamed the bar to “Simpson & Son’s Pub” and allowed people to smoke inside, hence why it became popular again. However, it possibly closed down after Homer and Grampa were arrested and deported back to America.

Now for should you buy it, this building has to be built for 5,700 as part of the first quest of the St. Patrick’s day update 2014. It is an amazing building and one of the most unique in the game. It also comes with Tom o Flanagan making it all together a well worth buy. Thanks for reading and happy tapping,



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