St. Patricks day!

St. Patrick’s day is here! In today’s update the first quest is to build the Tom ‘O’ Flanagan’s pub. This is not a new building but there is plenty more! You can also buy the Shamrock topiary and the leprechaun statue. You can buy as many as you want of these unlike last year in which you could only get one. Also, there is a brand new building called the Shamrock cafe which can be bought for 120 donuts which also comes with a new character , the Yupprechaun. Aswell as that a wishing well is now available to purchase for 150 dounts, it also comes with a character, the leprechauun. Neither of these characters earn money but if you tap them they give out a random amout of money or xp. Thats all for today, log onto tapped out and enjoy the new quests and more!

Asides from st. Patrick’s day they also fixed a few bugs and more. It is now possible to sell fleet a pita vans and one of the trees is now available to sell. Finally, you can now also place all valentines decorations in krustyland apart from the pond. Happy tapping,



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