Lets Take A look at… The Leprechaun!

G’day tappers!

I’m dropping in today to bring you a post based on the history of a little guy dressed in green. Yes, that’s right, it’s the leprechaun!

He is first seen as an imaginary friend to ralph wiggum in the episode “This little wiggy” (E18:S9) where he tells Ralph to carry on burning things and burn the house down.


In total, he has appeared in eight episodes, one of which, a treehouse of horror episode (XII). Apart from the couch gag in “Them, Robot”, the leprechaun was last seen in “Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes” where he and the Northern Irish leprechaun began a fight in Springfield in the Annual St Patrick’s Day Parade.

In regards to the game, the Leprachaun is a returning character as he was available for purchase last year. You can currently buy him for 150 donuts which you receive him, and the wishing well. You can get him if you are on any level, and the interesting thing about him is that he has no tasks. However, he will run away, and you have to tap him, This will earn you a small amount of cash and xp. Personally, I think that the leprechaun is a good character to buy as he is only a limited time character, however, he has no tasks and cannot earn as much money as other characters can. I hope you have enjoyed reading this “where did that come from” and hopefully, maximbarne126 will be back soon to bring you more. Until next time,

Keep Tapping!



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