Lets take a look at… The Shamrock Cafe and the Yupprechaun

Today, we will be talking about the Shamrock cafe and the Yupprechaun. These both appeared only briefly but they are in many episodes if you look clearly.

The Shamrock cafe first appeared episode 14 of season 20. This episode is called “In the name of the grandfather”. It first appears when the family are driving through Dunkilderry in Ireland. As they are driving it goes past in the background, you probably never noticed this but it is there if you look closely! The second time this appears is in a scene where the family are in O Flanagan’s pub talking, if you look closely through the window it is across the road of O Flanagan’s pub. This is useful to think about when you redesign your town as you may want to place the Shamrock Cafe opposite O Flanagan’s pub.

Now we will be talking about the Yupprechaun that comes with the cafe. His first appearence is also in that same episode when he is talking as he is walking down the road with the leprechaun. They say a few sentences but then it goes onto the next scene. They are next seen for the final time in a cafe eating together whilst talking. These are neither seen much but are voiced and say quite cool stuff! The Yupprechaun doesn’t have any jobs but earns money or xp when you tap him which is cool and unique.

This combo can be bought for 120 donuts but in my opinion isn’t worth it as it only appears in two mini scenes but if you want to recreate that scene with the pub and the cafe then it’s definitely worth it. All in all, not the best buy but definitely an interesting one. Happy tapping,



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