The wishing well

Welcome to our newest episode of “where did that come from and should in buy it?” Today we will be talking about a St. Patrick’s day item, the wishing well and the Leprechaun. “Luck o’ the Irish Wishing Well is a popular tourist attraction in Springfield and first appeared In an episode titled “all about Lisa”. It is owned by “Leprechaun” and people use it to make wishes by throwing coins in it, hence its name.

Homer and Bart take this to their advantage and start collecting the coins from the well via many ways. Infact, one time they even jump into the well and pick out as many coins as they can. Then, Leprechaun slides down the well and starts beating the prosecutors! Homer and Bart with their quick thinking jump out the well and cover it leaving Leprechaun trapped inside.

Leprechaun as you can tell by this doesn’t appear very often but has a very cool episode behind his name. He can be bought with the wishing well, altogether for 150 donuts. Also, he earns money when you tap him, even as much as $25 sometomes! In my opinion this is definitely a good purchase as it comes with a cool decoration and character! Happy tapping,



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