War of art!

An in game update has hit all of our devices! An amazing new quest has arrived as well as Pokey the guinea pig which you can buy for 40 donuts. Also, another item, the Strupo statue is now available to purchase for 20 donuts. Finally, there is a reward for completing these quests ( trust me, it’s a good one!) so log on today and be amazed at what’s waiting for you!

The quest kicks off as soon as you enter the game an part 1 is called “An experiment where guinea pigs are guinea pigs”. It is to collect 40 guinea pigs from the streets of Springfield, these then appear and you tap all 40 of them and complete the quest.

Part 2 is to send Lisa to “Make lisa locate a guinea pig sanctuary”. This takes 12 hours.

The first part of part 3 is to build the Guinea pig sanctuary. This takes 24 hours. The second part of the 3rd part of the quest is to “Make lisa fawn over guinea pigs”.  This takes 8 hours.

At the end of part 3 a bit of a diologue appears and then a notice saying to watch the episode on Sunday if you want to know if Lisa gets a guinea pig and that is the end of the quest. As well as that, pokey the guinea pig appears in the build menu and can be bought for 40 donuts!

Happy tapping,



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