What we want in game : Apu’s apartment

Today in our first episode of our new series titled “What we want in game” we will be talking about why Apu’s apartment should be added to the game. First off, Apu is a major character and one of the biggest. In the game you unlock him when you build “The Kwik-E-Mart”. So, the apartments cannot be added with Apu but may be added with his car or maybe even be able to be bought separately from level five but for no quest do you ever have to build the apartment block. However, when you buy it, a quest could start!

So here are some facts about the apartment block. It first appeared in the episode titled “I’m with cupid”. Apu lives with the octuplets and his wife Manjula in this apartment block. When the kids were first born they were gifted with many presents as they had the media’s attention. However, that didn’t last for long as a couple in Shelbyville had nine children! So, all the presents were taken away and they were no longer special. When homer and Marge arrived one day at the apartment, Apu offered them a child as they simply couldn’t cope with 8!

So, it is a large block of flats like the Spinster apartments already in game. However, it is decorated to look Indian. It has Indian style doors and furniture and even a Ganesha statue!

Overall, It should be added into the game because it is like many other apartments and a major character owns it and lives there and it could come with cool quests and more! I suggest it would cost around 200,000 thousand in game money.

So, that’s the end of this episode, hope you enjoyed it and post any feedback in the comments below! Happy tapping,



3 thoughts on “What we want in game : Apu’s apartment

  1. A guy

    I thought this site might be useful but then I saw you spelled it “Quicky Mart”. Really? Really? KWIK-E-MART. For the last 25 years.


  2. maximbarne126 Post author

    I personally, as the guy who wrote it want to tell you it was a spelling error on my behalf. I can tell you I write on my tablet and have spelling prediction on therefore meaning it changed automatically. I hope you continue to support us and keep reading our posts!



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