Episodes from the weekend : The War of Art

Today we will be continuing our series titled “episodes from the weekend”. So this weekends episode was called “The War of Art”.

So, at the start of the episode Lisa gets a guinea pig, however, it turns out to be bad, the guinea pig ends up destroying all of the living room art! Then, Marge goes to the Van Houten’s yard sale and see’s a painting she loves for 20 bucks. Lisa then realises this is worth 100,000 bucks and was painted by a famous 20th century painter. Marge and Homer then wonder whether they should split the cash between them and the Van Houten’s or keep it for their kids. The whole town also get involved, some think they should keep it, others think they should sell it. So that is the main plot of the episode and it is an interesting one as you can tell by just reading the plot!

Happy tapping,



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