Building a game – Lets take it from the start

Hiya guys!
I’m here today to bring you a new series of posts that we will be bringing you. It is going to start from level one, and progress through the game. I’ll bring you walkthroughs, and ask you to give me your opinion on where to put particular buildings. Without further ado, lets begin!

I’m going to take the game right down to the basics, and it begins with choosing a name. I think that it should be our town so I’ll call it tstofanworld. We will be looking for friends to showcase in these posts too!

So after I logged in for the first time, Homer begins with his video. When the video finishes, the speech begins.

Homer: Hello, anybody here?

Homer: Huh. I guess it’s true what they say about atomic blasts — the safest place to be is ground zero.

Homer: I wonder where my loving family is… and Bart.

Homer: Whoa, whoa — if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s when you open books, bad things happen.

You then receive your first task in your closed task book. After opening it, the task “Square One” appears. Homer then says:

Homer: See? Now I have to work.

Homer: Never open a book!

You are then guided to open the build menu and select the Simpsons house for 135 dollars. When you select it, more dialogue appears:

Homer: The shaded box looks like a nice place to build a house. Which is lucky, because it’s the only place they’ll let you build it!

A small circle then appears around the shaded area with some dialogue “Place the Simpson House in the shaded area.” Once you have done that, You are guided to press the yellow tick. Six seconds later, the building is ready. and you unlock Lisa. Here is her unlock message:

After going to The Simpsons character collection, a “goal complete” message appears. Then you “level up” with this message”

Then more dialogue appears:

Homer: Lisa! Thank God you’re here to guide me through this tutorial.

Lisa: What happened?

Homer: Difficult to say, sweetie. The town blew up, I built our house and you showed up.

Homer:All we know for sure is, I’m completely blameless.

Lisa: Hmm. Maybe if we keep building things, Mom and Bart will show up too.

Homer: I’m sure they will. This thing would be way too sad if they didn’t.

Lisa: Then let’s do it. But first, we should clean this place up a bit.

Homer: You’re joking, right?

You are then told to start the quest called “Springfield Cleaners Pt. 1”. It instructs Homer to clean up Springfield. A circle appears around him, then his only task shows up. You have to make him “Clean Up Springfield” for 6 seconds. Six seconds later, the task finishes and another “Goal Complete” message pops up. Homer starts more dialogue:

Homer: Cleaning, really!? I can’t believe that’s what passes for fun in games these days.

Lisa: It’s tedious, I know. That’s why I want to do some too!

That is the key for “Spingfield Cleaners Pt. 2” to begin. The same thing that happened to Homer then happens to Lisa as you send her on her task. 6 seconds later, you find a donut and Lisa says:

Lisa: Hey, I found a donut!

Homer: It looks like one of the donuts from the break room.

Lisa: It must have been irradiated when the plant blew up.

Lisa: Now it has the power to locally speed up time… as well as to buy things, for some reason.

You then complete the task. Lisa then says more dialogue:

Lisa: Since we’re the only ones here, it’s up to us to rebuild Springfield!

Homer: Or we could just move to Miami.

Homer: Think about it — flamingos, palm trees, t-shirts that say “Miami” on them…

Lisa: It’ll be easy! Or at least that’s what I’m telling you to get you to do it.

Lisa: We’ll start with our own street!

Then a new task pops up. “The new evergreen terrace pt. 1” You have to go to the build menu, select decorations, then road. It is free. You have to move it on to the shaded square and press the tick. A system message says “Now just drag the road along to make a street”. Another message is at the bottom of the screen and says “Drag the road to the blue space”. Once you have dragged the road across, more dialogue appears.

Lisa: We built a road! I feel like Robert Moses in that giant book that took me two years to read.

The “goal complete” message appears signalling the end of the quest. Homer then gets his first exclamation mark. You are directed to click it. He says:

Homer: Like every great architect before me, I just can’t… uh, architate… without a steady supply of salty, fatty snack foods.

Homer: We need to build the Kwik-E-Mart next.

Lisa: But Dad, the Kwik-E-Mart doesn’t belong on Evergreen Terrace.

Homer: The layout of Springfield changes alot.

Homer: One time our house was next to a prison so I could make a joke about how we lived next to a prison. Then five minutes later, no more prison. Wierd, huh?

A new task appears called “Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart” and instructs you to buy it. So you go to the build menu once again, and select the Kwik-E-Mart for 220 dollars. Place it in the blue shaded area, next to the Simpsons house. More dialogue appears:

Homer: Four hours to build the Kwik-E-Mart when it only took seconds to build my house?! Stupid contractors!

Lisa: Why don’t you use that donut we found to speed things up?

You have to click on the Kwik-E-Mart, then on the 2 donuts. When the Kwik-E-Mart is finished building, clik on it. You will then unlock Apu. Here is his unlock screen:

The business owners collection appears with Apu in it. He tehn brings a level up dialogue. Here it is:

It will then bring you another “goal complete” message.

That is all of level one and two for you today, tune in next Tuesday for another episode of “Building a game” where we will be taking on levels 3 and 4.

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