Where did that come from : Springfield grocery store

Today we are continuing our series titled “Where did that come from and should I buy it?”. Today we will be talking about The Springfield grocery store, a building that was added into tapped out for level 38.

So here are snippets from some episodes which had the shop in them. So, one time Bart and Lisa were there and Bart wanted some chocolate bars as most kids do! However, they didn’t have any of money. Lisa saw Bart looking greedily at the bars and said he better not steal them. However, what she just said had put an idea into Bart’s brain and so he filled his pockets with them and was caught, unluckily! He was taken to the office and was spoken to by a security guard. The security guard told Bart to think about what he had done and went out to find out more about the situation. However, Bart instead ate the chocolate bars and when the guard came back in, Bart said ” you can’t hold me unless you have evidence”. However, Bart didn’t realise he had chocolate all around his mouth until he looked in the mirror and became embarrassed and asked the guard whether it was to late to confess.

In another episode titled “Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th commandment” (S2:E13) Lisa and Marge are doing their weekly shopping. Marge, to Lisa’s shock picked up some grapes and ate them! Lisa then asked Marge whether she remembered the 8th commandment, to which Marge’s response is I do remember but I keep getting the last part wrong. Lisa then screams “thou shalt not steal”! Everyone looks and when marge is at the checkout Marge confesses that she stole two grapes and that she be charged for her actions. The cashier then announced on the speaker that he needed a price check on two measly grapes!

So, that is the end of that and now to whether you should buy it or not! If I were you I would definitely build this as it has featured many times in many episdoes, however there are requirements, you must be level 38. It costs 261,000 thousand in game money and takes 24hours to be built. That is the end of this weeks episode, hope you enjoyed it and happy tapping,



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