My Ten Favourite Decorations in Tapped Out (Part 1)

Note from Wilki1999 –  Hi guys, today I would like to introduce the newest member of the fan world team to you, Chief Ralph Wiggum. You may remember him from TSTO Topix Extra but he has kindly joined TSTO Fan World. You can find information on Chief Ralph, or any of the other Fan World Writers on the About page, or leave it as a comment and we will respond to you. I’ll now leave you in the capable hands of Chief Ralph Wiggum, heres to his first post, and many more to come!


Hey guys. Today I’m going to do a countdown of my favourite decorations in Tapped Out. Leave a comment and let me know what your favourites are!



‘Christmas’ Totem


Taking the #10 place on the list is the oddly named ‘Christmas’ Totem. The reason for the naming is because it was released during the Christmas, however apart from that it has no relation to Christmas at all. It had been in the files for a long time (since the end of 2012!) and people were surprised when it wasn’t released alongside Kamp Krusty.

It was a community prize and cost four hundred and fifty million gift bags. You only need to be level one to place it and it gave a pretty nice 2.50% increase to all payouts.


Mr. Sparkle Billboard


Coming in at #9 is The Mr. Sparkle Billboard. The episode that Mr. Sparkle was of is one off the most memorable, also Mr. Sparkle makes an appearance in the opening credits of The. Simpsons in the supermarket.

The Mr. Sparkle Billboard was a fairly recent item released in the episode tie-in Married to the Blob, on January the Eight of this year. It cost 30 Donuts and gave a 0.75% bonus, which is a little disappointing. I like this item so much because it’s very easy to place in Urban areas and adds a nice bit of colour to your town.


Homer’s Car


This items long overdue, but it sure was worth the wait. Homer’s iconic pink Sedan has made it to #8 because of how cool it is. Right down to the dented hood, the details of it are captured perfectly! And let’s not forget it was free!

As I mentioned, this item was free but in order to obtain it you had to earn 6500 friend points. It gives no payout increase and was released on Feburary 26th.


Lisa Statue of Liberty


The Lisa Statue of Liberty has scored the #7 spot for a few reasons. First of all, it just looks so cool! Secondly, some of the designs I saw for this item were amazing. It also gives a pretty hefty 2.50% to all payouts.

It was released on June 28th as part of the July 4th promotional update. It cost 65 donuts and was a unique item. As stated above it gives a nice payout increase.


Gorgeous Grampa Billboard


The Gorgeous Grampa Billboard is #6 on the list. It looks really nice; got to love the picture on it! It was released February 28th 2013.

It cost 50 donuts and gave a 2.00% bonus to your payout bonus.

Thats it for Part One of my top ten decorations in Tapped Out! Come back this time next week for Part Two!


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