Get the lowdown: Level 39 has arrived!

Hey tappers!

You may already know that level 39 has now arrived in our games and has bought a variety of items with it.

Sanjay has arrived with his house ($438,000), to buy his house you must start the quest given to you by Dolph when you enter the game. To get this quest you have to be level 39.

Manjula has arrived with her and Apu’s apartment (160 donuts), this can be bought regardless of which level you are.

A statue of Shiva has arrived (40 donuts, 2% money bonus),

The E.A.R.L. Lighthouse is the new level 6 friendship item (5000 FP), time to get visiting friends!

The next list includes all the “behind the scene” changes. This list is courtesy of mrfy at TSTO Topix and you can view the list on topix here

Here is the list,

Base multipliers on building prices didn’t drop quite as expected. Level 34 buildings didn’t drop to the base price but are still at 1.3 times. Higher levels’ multipliers were also adjusted down. Level 35 buildings are at 1.3 times the base price when they were 1.4, level 36 are 1.4 times when they were 1.6, level 37 are 1.6 when they were 2.0, level 38 are now 2.0 when they were 3.0. And level 39 is the new top rate at 3 times the base price.
Springfield High’s base price jumped from $77,500 to $126,500. XP earned when built also changed from 7,500 to 12,500.
The Knowledgeum’s base price was cut from $126,500 to $77,500. The XP earned when built also changed from 12,500 to 7,500.
Robby the Automaton now gives 400 points of Vanity instead of 10.
Apu was moved from the Business Owners character collection to The Nahasapeemapetilons.
The premium decorations Tree Swing and Burning Bush were changed from giving 400 Tree-hugging points to 400 Vanity points.
The Jack O’Lantern now gives 90 Vanity points when it used to give 40.
The job for Chief Wiggum and other characters in the Judge Snyder quests to Attend a Court Hearing was changed from 12 hours to 4.
The Office of Unemployment now gives 11,000 XP when completed rather than 10,000.
Krustyland trees now give 10 Kitsch points rather than 25.
The Palm Tree (in regular Springfield) contributes 140 points to Tree-hugging instead of Vanity.
The Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons decoration that arrived with the Season 24 finale episode tie-in now gives 400 Vanity points instead of 300.
Default job rewards for 48 and 72 hour tasks were added. Regular 48 hour jobs pay $1000 and 250 XP, premium pays $1500 and 400 XP. Regular 72 hour jobs pay $1500 and 400 XP and premium pays $2250 and 600 XP.
The Squidport entrance now gives 400 Vanity points instead of the old 10.

Thats all from me at the moment, there will be more posts on the way.


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