Lets take a look at… Pokey the Guinea Pig

Squeak, Squeak squeak squeak. Did you guess who I am yet? Yes, thats right I’m an animal. Yes I’m a hamster. Pokey? Yes, that episode was on Sunday but why not take a look at him? Ok I’ve decided. I’ll do the post on Pokey and you can see what part he had to play on Sunday. Here he is:

Surprisingly, Pokey only has a small part in the game he destroys the Simpsons living room at the very start of the episode and they then have to sort it out. So basically, what could be a cute, little pet turns out to be quite a nightmare for the Simpsons. So that brings me on to the next part how can I get Pokey?

Sadly, Pokey is no longer available for purchase in the game as he was a limited time item that was removed from the game on Tuesday 25th March 2014. There is a small chance that EA will bring him back in the future if he appears in another episode, but sadly that is the only chance you will get to buy Pokey.

I guess thats all from me now from the little guinea pig.

Keep Tapping




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