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Looking Back, or rather, looking forward?!

Hello tappers!

Thanks for joining me on this very, very busy Wednesday. This week, I have given you a very mystical title. You can probably guess that this weeks episode is one set in the future, and has plenty of oppurtunities to be released. This is personally my favourite Simpsons episode and it is “Holidays of future passed”. Before I go any further, there isn’t the fact that I have a weird obsession with Simpsons Christmas episodes, it is just completely coincidental that the first post of this series was a Christmas episode. Lets begin on the plot of the episode.

The episode (S23:E9) is set 30 years into the future and is when the family is all back together, including the grand-children.

It starts after Thanksgiving when Marge pulls them out of their seats to take a photograph for the Christmas cards. This is when the “Time-travelling” begins. When I say time-travelling, it is just a flip through of the Christmas cards taken over the 30 year period. Here is what I mean:

So, before I advance any further, I’ll need to fill you in on the situation at this time. After going to university, Lisa married Milhouse (who else!) and together, they had a daughter called Zia. Bart has married, and divorced, Jenda, whom he had two children with after dropping out of university. They are only referred to as Bart’s older son, and Bart’s younger son. Maggie has become a world famous singer and is pregnant, giving birth in the episode to Maggie Jr. At this stage, Marge and Homer are still together and Abe is locked in an ice cooler to stop him from dying. (I know, I thought he wanted to die too! lol.)

Back to the plot. Bart is in his apartment in the old Springfield elementary where Skinner comes to collect his rent. Jenda teleprts the children there to stay with their dad over the holidays when they reluctantly agree.

Manwhile, Lisa worries about Zia as she spends too much time on the “ultranet” instead of with her mother. (Note: The ultranet is a virtual world where you plug yourself into using a laptop and search whatever you want. It is an advanced internet.) Maggie also returns home from London on an unsafe aeroplane flight after she is told she cannot be teleported because of her pregnancy.

When Bart and Lisa return “home” Marge gives Lisa some bad tips on how to become a better mother. Nart learns that Jenda has remarried, telling Homer to take his sons out leaving Lisa and Bart to meet in the treehouse. When Maggie arrives in Springfield, Kearney ends up driving her to the hospital instead of taking her home as she goes into labour.

Homer takes his grandsons to see Abe in the “freezer” where he tells them that Abe’s disease has had a cure found, but he wants to keep him frozen. Bart arrives to apologise to the boys after Homer tells them he should give their father a chance. Homer also decides to make-up with Abe as he unfreezes him for good. Lisa enters the “Ultranet” to find Zia and finds her with a picture of her mum, admiring her. When Maggie returns with her daughter, the family take a photo once again with (wait for it) Homer, Marge, Abraham, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Santa’s Little Helper, Snowball II, Zia, Barts younger son, Barts older son and Maggie Jr. (Told ya to wait for it lol)!

So now, I’ve been thinking. Usually I would do now what could be added to the game based on this episode. But, quite frankly, there is probably too much to mention. That is why I think that EA could do the following. They could create a parallel Springfield which would be a futuristic town. It would have a grown-up Bart, Milhouse, Kearney, Marge, Homer, Lisa and Maggie with more suitable tasks. It would also have Jenda, Bart’s sons, Maggie Jr, Zia and all the characters that appear in this episode. I honestly think that this would work better than adding a whole new bunch of characters to the game that don’t fit in. Comment below what you think. Is this a good idea? Who knows?

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Brick Like Me

Hey tappers!

I have decided that throughout this week, I am going to try and build up to the much anticipated lego-Simpsons episode that is “Brick Like Me”. I am going to bring various news, comparisons, reminders etc. about the episode that celebrates 550 shows and 25 years of the Simpsons.

I have decided that todays post will be giving you the initial insight into the episode. I’m going to show you the official trailer for the episode. Here it is:

If the official trailer wasn’t enough for you, here is another video displaying some pictures from the episode:

I hope you enjoy these videos, and I’ll be back very soon for another look at this special episode.

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A duo of announcements

Hey Tappers!
I’m hopping in today in the first of hopefully a lot of posts swinging your way today.

As you may have guessed from the title, I have two announcements to bring you today, so hold on tight!

The first announcement of the day is about our resident co-founder maximbarne126. Usually, he covers a wide variety of posts weekly throughout the site bringing lots of joy to our community. However, he is going to be absent from the site for about a week as he is moving house – we wish him all the best in his move and hope everything is okay afterwards. This will mean that I am going to be covering the vast majority of his posts, so watch out! I will be looking for a guest post or two to showcase, so email for your chance to be showcased here. We love the input from our readers, and it can be on absolutely anything you wish. I hope to be posting this on Tuesday, so watch out then!

Our second announcement actually concerns the game. If you havent already noticed, Level 40 has joined us and we are in for a treat. In this school-themed update, we recieved three characters! They are Mrs Hoover, Mr Largo and the Cocoa Beanie!


The buildings available are the “Ah Fudge Factory” which is part of the questline and unlocks Mrs Hoover and the Cocoa Beanie.


Also available is the “Lotto ‘N’ Liquor” which is premium with Mr Largo.


Thats it for buildings and characters, but as I say, I’ll be back in very soon for more fun

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Episodes from the weekend : What to expect when Bart’s expecting

Hey, welcome back to a brand new episode of ‘Episodes from the weekend’. Today we are taking about the episode over the weekend, “What to expect when Bart’s expecting”.

So, Bart is annoyed at how his art teacher tells all the students she wants the best from all of them, he decides he wants to get rid of her. ¬†He visits a voodoo specialist and gets the materials to cast a stomach ache spell on her, however, she shows up the next day! The spell instead made her pregnant! Ralph announces that Bart got the teacher pregnant and news spreads around the school like wildfire. Homer picks up Bart from school and he leaves for the day. Soon after, a couple approaches Bart and tells them they want a baby, Bart does his voodoo spell and it works. Bart demands 5$, he’s even making money off it! Homer, yet agin chokes his son and meanwhile tells him ” I’ll teach you how to understand prayers!”. They go to Moe’s together and then they are both kidnapped by Fat Tonies cronies. At first it is obvious why, but suddenly they are told Fat Tony wants him to work his spells on his horses as he wants a male horse.

So, that’s all for today’s episode, come back next week for another! Happy tapping,


Poll Results + New Poll!

Hey guys! Sorry this post is a few days late, I’ve been super busy!

Now, last week I asked for your opinions on the new, glorified, Easter Mystery Box/Wheel. Here are the results-


So it’s clear that just over half of you agree with me in that it’s terrible. About a third of you didn’t have a problem with the wheel, and still aren’t affected by this one. About a sixth of you are on the fence about it, and a whole one person actually loves it.

The next poll is staying on the topic of the Easter wheel. I want to know how well you’ve done in getting the prizes, regardless of wether you’ve used donuts or not.

I’ve pretty much gotten everything I wanted, but I want to know your experience with the wheel!

Happy tapping!