TSTO Around The World: England


In this weeks Around the World, I’m going to feature my home country- England!

England has Been featured in 6 episodes, and mentioned many more. Tapped Out has millions of players from England, and I’m sure it’d make a really cool update!


Abbie Simpson


After Grampa Simpson accidentally impregnated his lover from WWII, he later discovers her existence on a trip to London. She shares very similar characteristics to Homer, both physically and mentally.


Eat at Krusty Burger (Krusty Burger, 30 minutes)

Learn about the Y chromosome (Hospital, 4 hours)

Blend in with Americans (12 hours, visual)


The Union Jack Car


This car would be really cool to the ever growing list of vehicles in the games. Like most of the other vehicles, I doubt there’d be any tasks associated with it.


The London Eye.

  This building would be fairly similar to the Ferris Wheel, except it’d be placed on the mainland rather than Squidport.

There would be various tasks for people to ride it.



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