Looking Back: Grift of the Magi

Hello Tappers!
Today I’ll be bringing you the start of a new series of posts called Looking Back. Each week, I will take a look at an old Simpsons episode and evaluating whether or not it contains anyone or anything that could be added to the game after I give the synopsis of the episode. Lets get started then!

If you haven’t already guessed, today’s episode is based on the christmas episode of season 11. It was the ninth episode, and also a Christmas one, that’s right, it is Grift Of The Magi.

After an ozone hole appears over Springfield, Bart and Milhouse are forced to stay inside. To pass the time, they find some of Marge’s clothes, and dress up as ladies and jump on the bed. Homer walks in, and Bart falls and breaks his coccyx. He is told by Doctor Hibbert that he will have to be in a wheelchair. When he arrives at the school the next day, there aren’t any ramps to access the building and as Skinner is considering building one, Fat Tony arrives and offers to build it. The ramps collapse and Fat Tony demands $200000 for the ramps but Skinner is forced to close the school instead.

They try to get the money from Mr Burns to reopen the school after doing a play, but Mr Burns refuses. Kid First Industries buy the school and privatise it and the teachers are replaced as the new teachers try to find out from the students what makes the perfect christmas toy. Lisa discovers this but is scared when she sees the “robot” of the toy they are developing. They go home and see an advert for a funzo – the toy that is being developed in the school. They visit Jim Hope’s office (the guy in charge) and he gives them a free funzo. They soon discover that it rips apart other toys.

Bart, Lisa and Homer attempt to steal every funzo in Springfield as Homer dresses up as Santa whilst Lisa and Bart sing carols at the door. They then go to Springfield tyre fire to burn the funzos. Gary Coleman (the secretary at Kid First Industries) tries to stop them, but after a long argument they decide to burn all the funzos that didn’t get destroyed in the fire. They invite Gary to dinner, and Mr Burns later turns up after being visited by 3 ghosts in the night (sound familiar?).

So that is the plot of the episode, time to speculate!

My first thoughts are that Bart and Milhouse could have costumes to dress up as women. I’m unsure of the tasks, but these could be included:
•Dress up as women
•Jump on the Bed
•Fall off the bed (Bart)
•Sit in a wheelchair (Bart)
•Sneak into Marge and Homer’s bedroom
•Steal Marge’s clothes

We could also have Jim Hope, his potential tasks could be:
•Buy Springfield Elementary
•Run Springfield Elementary
•Teach Children
•Develop a new toy
•Work in his office
•Give out free funzos

A final character that could be added (A personal favourite of mine) is Gary Coleman. His tasks could include:
•Work as a secretary
•Argue with the Simpsons
•Burn the Funzos
•Eat with the Simpsons

There is also a building that could be added, and would incorporate some of Gary and Jims jobs. It would be the Kid First Industries Secret HQ:

Well thats it for today, but tune in again next week when I will be reviewing another Simpsons episode.

Keep Tapping!



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