Where did that come from and should I buy it : E.A.R.L.

Hey, today we are continuing our series of “Where did that come from and should I buy it?”. Today we will be talking about E.A.R.L. E.A.R.L. is short for Electronic Automatic Robotic Lighthouse.

So, E.A.R.L. first appeared in an episode titled El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (S8E9), The Mysterious Voyage of Homer in English. So, in this episode, Homer had had a fight with Marge and was wandering through Springfield in search of his soulmate when he happened to see the lighthouse and observe it. It occurred to him that the lighthouse keeper had to be the loneliest guy in the world, so he ran to the lighthouse. When he got there, he saw the sign on the door reading “This lighthouse operated by EARL”. Homer thought this was the name of the lighthouse keeper and so he eagerly rushed in and shouted, “Here I come, buddy! No more loneliness for Homer and Earl!”

Homer was bewildered, however, to find that there was no human being inside, but an electronic control panel with a display reading “E.A.R.L. Electronic Automatic Robotic Lighthouse”. When he realized that “Earl” was actually a machine, he got angry. After that, Homer heard a ship’s horn in the distance and smashed the lighthouse’s bulb so that the ship, rather than being turned away from the shore because of the light, would run aground so he could find friends among the people on the ship.

Homer’s plan was interrupted by the arrival of Marge at the exact moment. They quickly resolved their differences and Homer realized that Marge had been his soulmate all along. Marge then replaced the broken lighthouse bulb with a spare she found in a utility closet. The new bulb lit up, warning the ship that it was near the shore, buthowever, the warning came too late and the ship ran aground anyway, spilling its cargo of hot pants. The citezens of Springfield turned up and helped themselves to the ship’s cargo, while Marge and Homer kissed and made up in the lighthouse with the new bulb shining their silhouettes out onto the water.

So, should you buy it? This item cannot be bought for in game money but for donuts instead. Howver, you can earn it by earning FP. Personally, i think it is a great FP prize as it’s a much needed item and can also be placed on the sea! So, that is the end of this weeks episode, thanks for reading and happy tapping,



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