Reflect the Week: 30th March – 5th April

Hey tappers!

This week has been quite a quiet one for us, but I feel that the quality of the posts has not suffered even though we haven’t posted as much. Without further ado, i’ll take you through the journey of the week!

Sunday – Sunday saw chief ralph wiggum give us a thought of the week on level 39

Monday – Today saw maximbarne126 give a review on the episode from the weekend – you dont have to live life like a referee

Tuesday – Chief Ralph Wiggum took us on an adventure to England on Tuesday with his TSTO Around the World

Wednesday – On Wedneday, we looked back at a Christmas episode of the Simpsons called the Grift of the Magi Maximbarne126 also showed us the roots of the EARL lighthouse

That was it for this week, we hope to bring you lots more goodness today, tomorrow and the rest of the week, so stay tuned and… Keep Tapping!



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