Episodes from the weekend : Luca$

Hey, welcome back to our newest episode of “Episodes from the Weekend”. Today we are talking about “Luca$”, the episode from Sunday the 6th of April.

So, at the start of this episode, Lisa starts to love a boy called Lucas and goes out with him. However, he wants to eat for competitions. Their relationship develops further and Marge becomes concerned that Lisa is trying to marry Lucas, since he is just like Homer. Marge does not want another relationship just like their own happening all over again to her own child. Meanwhile, on the other side of the family, Bart helps Snake break out of jail and begins to recieve presents from him, meanwhile making Milhouse jealous and annoyed.

So that is the end of todays episode of the series. Feel free to comment below whether or not you enjoyed the episode and if you haven’t watched it, Fox.com is always available! Happy tapping,




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