My Ten Favourite Decorations in Tapped Out (Part 2)

Here it is- Part 2 of my top ten decorations in Tapped Out. I’m going to be counting down the next five decorations!

5- Victorian UFO


The Victorian UFO was the fifth personal prize during Halloween 2013. You were required to collect 3000 Goo, and if you didn’t already you would unlock Kang.

This item has made it to the #5 spot for it’s uniqueness. I’ve seen some really cool designs for it, ranging from it being placed into the airport to a secret military base.

4- Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons

imageThe Inflatable Gorilla and  baboons was part of the Yard Sale event, which I hope to see return this year. It cost 30 donuts and gave a 0.75% bonus.

I’m not sure why I like this item so much. It makes me smile every time is see it, I mean it’s a gorilla with a Santa hat being pulled by little baboons!

3- Duff Barney Blimp


The Barney Blimp was also released during the Yard Sale event, it cost 70 donuts and if tapped on, it makes a burping noise!

I love the Barney Blimp because Barney is one of my favourite characters and this is a great way to showcase that. And the burp is hilarious!

2- Ray Gun

imageThe. Ray Gun was first released during the 2012 Halloween event, and later released in 2013. It cost 150 donuts and depending on your circumstance, would give you Kang or Kodos.

I like it so much because of its amazing visual. When you tap on it it lights up, then shoots a huge purple beam of destruction.

Before I tell you my favourite decoration in Tapped Out, here are a few honourable mentions-

Duff Party Bus, Duff Racer, Excellence Prize Statue, Frinkosonic MHV, Jet engine bike, Mayan Calendar and the Springfield falls.

1- The Mayflower


The Mayflower was released during the Thanksgiving 2013 event. It cost 100 donuts and gave a 3.00% bonus. When tapped on it makes a cannon shooting noise.

I love the Mayflower! I live near docks and I wish I could see more boats like this. It looks really sweet, however the incorrectly coloured flags sort of suck.

Thanks for reading my list of top ten decorations. Leave a comment below of your favourites, catch you next time!


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