Days of future future episode tie-in

Hey tappers, quick report just to let you know an episode tie-in has arrived in our games. Make sure Homer is free, he kicks of the first part with dialogue on start up. Here is the first part, more to follow as we get it. Updates will appear here. Heres the opening dialogue:

Homer: So hungry… havent had… eating job… in days.

Lisa: If you’re hungry, how about an apple? You could probably grow some at Cletus’ farm.

Homer: I said I’m hungry, not peckish. The idea that you cna satisfy your hunger by eating a piece of fruit is complete nonsense.

Homer: It’s just one of those things grown-ups tell kids to do, but dont actually do themselves…

Homer: …like brushing your teeth before bed, or reading instead of watching TV, or practising safe sex.

Lisa: What about thank-you cards?

Homer: I haven’t written one since I was eleven.

Homer: Also, don’t play video games. And don’t mindlessly do whatever you’re told.

A task then appears called Not Enough (Moral) Fiber Pt.1. It has two criteria. The first is to “Reach level 7 and build a Krusty Burger. The second is to “Make Homer eat at Krusty Burger. (30 mins). When the task finishes, Homer stumbles out of the Krusty Burger. Here’s the dialogue:

Homer (Ghost): What’s going on? And who’s that fat guy lying on the pavement who looks a lot like me…

Homer (Ghost): …but obviously isn’t because I’m transparent and hovering over him?

Maude’s Ghost: That’s you, Homer. You’ve had a heart attack, causing your spirit to leave your body.

Homer (Ghost): Oh Yeah? Well, if I’m just a spirit, how come you can talk to me?

Maude’s Ghost: Because I’m just a spirit too. You killed me, Homer. Don’t you remember?

Homer (Ghost): Eh, I kill a lot of people — Frank Grimes, Shary Bobbins, that trucker who ate too much steak. It gets hard to keep track.

Maude’s Ghost: And if you’re not careful, soon you’ll kill yourself.

Homer (Ghost): You mean I get a second chance? Woo-hoo! There were still so many things on earth I never got a chance to eat.

Maude’s Ghost: No Homer, that’s why I’ve appeared to you. You need to mend your gluttonous ways. Otherwise…

Scary Maude’s Ghost: The next time you binge, it will be the GRAVE for you!!

Homer (Ghost): Freaky!

The task is then complete.Homer then triggers the next task. Here it is:

Homer: I can’t believe I’m being haunted… again. We’ve really been going to the ghost well a lot lately.

Homer: But Maude is the worst ghost of them all… because she’s making me watch what I eat!

Homer: Maybe I can get Flanders to reason with her. After all, there’s no one a woman is more likely to listen to than her recently remarried ex-husband.

Not Enough (Moral) Fiber Pt.2 is then triggered and says to “Make Homer ask for Ned’s help” (60 mins) Before the quest starts, Ned begins with some dialogue:

Ned: How-diddily-ho-diddily-hi-there-dilly neighboreen–

Homer: Shut up, Flanders!

Homer: I need your help. Maude is haunting me and I need your help to get her off my back.

Homer: You’re good at driving her away. Remember that one time when you drove her away from the world by killing her?

Ned: Actually Homer, that was you.

Homer: Right, right. Why do I keep forgetting that?

The dialogue then disappears. At the end of the task, Ned starts.

Ned: You know Homer, maybe this spooking is just the wake-up call you need to turn your diet around.

Ned: You want to live to see your kids grow up, don’t you?

Homer: Of course… if that ever actually happens. In the meantime, I’ll do what I can to watch my eating.

Ned: That’s the spirit!

Then Not enough (moral) fiber Pt.3 appears and asks you to “make Homer eat everything in Ned’s house”. (12 hours). When the task has finished, Homer once again collapses. Maude appears:

Maude’s Ghost: I warned you this would happen if you continued to over-eat. And now…

Scary Maude’s Ghost: It’s the GRAVE for you!

Homer gets up and the task is completed. A system messgage appears and it says:

“A free decoration has been placed in your inventory linked to this Sunday’s Episode of The Simpsons, 8/7c on FOX!”

After pressing ok, Homer gets another speech bubble:

Homer: Hang on a minute. I’m not dead. Whats goingon here?

Maude: Well… I’m just a ghost. I can scare you and try to get you to mend your ways… but I can’t actually kill you. Union rules.

Homer: So what was that whole grave thing about?

Maude: Well, I said it would be the grave for you, and I had to honour my promise. More rules – they’re a really serious union.

Maude: But let me make one thing clear. If you over-eat again in the future, it will once again be the GRAVE for you.

Homer: By which you mean, you’ll put another decoration in my inventory?

Maude: That’s right.

Homer: So you’re telling me that instead of dying a horrible painful death from over-eating, I get a FREE grave EACH time I do it?

Maude: I… uh… guess. Where are you going with this Homer?

Homer: Woo-hoo! Out of my imaginary way, Maude! I’m going to eat like a Midwesterner!

Another system message appears:

“Make Homer gorge himself on stolen food to earn free graves. Hurry, it all ends midnight on Saturday!”

When you press ok, a task appears, and it is Not Enough (Moral) Fiber Pt. 4. You are instructed to “Make Homer Raid Random Fridges”. The task takes 7 hours and you can do it up to 9 times.

There is also the chance to buy the Cremo Bot for 30 donuts. It adds a 0.75% bonus to all tasks and jobs. There is another friend point prize – the capitol city goofball, and the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop and Maude’s ghost if you have not already bought it.

Thats all for now. Be sure to check out my get the lowdown post as it includes ALL the changes this update made.

Keep Tapping,



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