Get the lowdown: Days of Future Future episode tie-in

Hey tappers!

I’m here today to bring you the lowdown on the latest update in our games. We recieved an episode tie-in yesterday and a walkthrough of the first two quests can be found here I’m just going to sum up the update and bring you all the changes that it has bought. A thankyou is given to TSTO Topix who posted some parts of this list on their site.

Lincoln’s Cabin, Bachelor Arms, Spinster City Apartments, Sanjay’s House, and Apu’s Apartment were added to the set of buildings which are “HomeVisitable”. This set is used when characters have tasks which require them to visit multiple houses, like Lou’s “Interview Suspects, or Ned Santa’s “Deliver Presents”.

Agnes and Comic Book Guy’s 2-hour joint task to “Go on a Date” was changed to another joint task to “Get Help Crossing The Street”. It has the same animation as the “Go on a Date” task, and can only be activated by Agnes.

The quest progression for Level 29 uses the “Get Help Crossing The Street” task through a new quest “Community Service” along with new dialogue.

The Level 7 Friendship level was added and is the Capitol City Goofball.

A ‘fastBreak=”true”‘ tag was added to Stampy’s task to “Carry Bart”. I think this affects the animation so it resets quickly. (Let me know if I’m wrong and I’ll update this post.)

Apu can no longer do the job “Feed the Octuplets” while Manjula is doing her 8-hour job “Look After the Octuplets”. Similarly, Manjula can’t do her job while Apu is doing his.

A default reward for a 7-hour job was added, which will pay $250 and 60 XP. Homer gets a couple of 7-hour tasks in the Days of Future Future quest.

The Gypsy Fortune Teller’s Shop now earns a premium income at $55 and 5 XP every hour. It was changed in the files to individually cost 150 donuts, but it’s available along with Maude Flanders for only 25 donuts! (This was changed in a hotfix, also occurring yesterday and now costs 150 donuts)

Maude Flanders’ tasks are now all premium.

Once again, thanks to Topix for that post. Thats all from me for the moment but… Keep Tapping!



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