Poll Results + New Poll!

Last week I asked you wether you were going to be getting Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. Here are the results!


So it seems that a good two thirds of you are willing to at least try it! I was a little surprised at how many people said ‘No’, but I guess it’s not for everyone.

Now, the Quest for Stuff has been out for a short while and this leads on to my next poll. What are your opinions on it so far?

So far I’ve enjoyed it quite a lot. The tasks are all really funny, it doesn’t feel like a carbon copy of Tapped Out I like all the unique features it has, like FaceSpace and I love the quick loading screens.

However, the fact there’s no pavement and the outrageous price of clams weighs it down!

Heres a screenshot of my town so far-


Leave a comment on your opinions, and maybe even a screenshot!

Next weeks poll will be Simpsons related, as we are a Simpsons site. This post will most likely be the last Family Guy one!

Keep tapping guys!


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