Reflect the Week: 6th – 12th April

Hello tappers!

Here we are again, another Saturday and you know what that means – Reflect the week! This post is the summary of all the posts released throughout the week. I think that we should now get going – we’ve had a busy week!

Sunday – On Sunday, Maximbarne126 kicked off the week and told us some great reasons why we should have Krustys mansion and I reminded you of Luca$.

Monday – On Monday, ChiefRalphWiggum gave us a double whammy of posts. He bought us a new poll with the results of the old one, and he gave us Pt.2 of his favourite decorations in TSTO. Maximbarne126 also told us what happened in the episode Luca$.

Wednesday – After a day off on Tuesday, we returned on Wednesday, and so did an update for TSTO. It was a Days of Future Future episode tie-in and Maximbarne126 told us where the Capitol City Goofball came from.

Thursday – With the release of the Family Guy: Quest for Stuff, I bought you a small post about it and I also bought you the lowdown from Wednesdays update.

Friday – On Friday, I kicked off the day bringing you a information of a potential update from EA after someone saw an Easter splashscreen. ChiefRalphWiggum showed us the Evolution of Simpsons games and I took a look at Homer Simpson

So that’s the week in The Simpsons Tapped Out Fan World for you. What have you been doing, sound off in the comments below.

Keep Tapping



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