What we want in game : The Leftorium

Hey guys, today we are continuing our series of what we want in game, today we are talking about The Leftorium. Without further ado, let’s begin!

So, The Leftorium is a building located in the Springfield mall and is owned by Ned Flanders, the Simpson’s families neighbourinoo. Ned once worked as a clerk for a pharmacy but decided to make his own business, for left handers. At first, it looked like he had made a really bad decision, business was failing because Homer’s wish had come true. The wish homer made was that business would fail at his store, it became true. The Flanders’s were forced to sell their belongings, most of which were bought by Homer for and £40 to £50 (around $75). Things then got worse, the bank repossessed the family home and the business was about to close because it was becoming bankrupt. Homer then begins to feel sorry for Ned and decides he shouldn’t have made the wish and so goes to all his left handed friends and and tells them about the shop. The shop becomes popular and is saved from bankruptcy by Homer, making him proud! The shop has presumably been doing well in business since, but in some episodes, Ned says the business isn’t doing well. In fact, Ned even purchased his own items in the shop to make up for the loss of business once! Suddenly, a new shop arrives, the Left-Mart. It threatens his business but some people call it a rip off as all it sells is items that have ‘left handed’ in front of the name (e.g. Left handed pen.) So, that’s all the info on that building.

So, I personally don’t think the building could come with any character because Ned is already in the game. Also, it would be hard to implement in game as it is a building in the Springfield mall which we already have. I think this could however be coming very soon as it has a cool background and is the business of Ned! Thanks for reading and happy tapping,



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