Thought of the Week: Easter and Future Plans

The past few days have been pretty exciting Tapped Out wise. There were two pieces of evidence to suggest there will be an  Easter event, and a vague look into what we may see in the future.

First of all, let’s talk Easter. As I said, two pieces of information were leaked that revealed that instead of having a Whacking Day this year, we would get an Easter event. I’m also going to discuss the probability of whether or not they are accurate.

Probably the more believable piece of evidence is the leaked screenshot of the splash screen that would be used for the Easter event. For those who have not yet seen it, here it is-


As you can see, it looks pretty believable. As is expected now with new update splash screens, Homer isn’t running from the finger, which makes it seem real. However, the absence of Matt Groening’s signature would suggest it is fake. I’ll let you decide if it’s real or not, however I think it is.

Now the second piece of information was much harder to believe, in my opinion. It was a supposed conversation between a customer and an EA representative. It began with the customer asking about a bug fix, but then turned into a conversation about the Easter update.

Heres the conversation, courtesy of TSTO Topix-

Conversation with EA

There are a few things wrong with this conversation. First is the grammar. Someone who is payed to write should at least use decent grammar. However, it could just be that the person writing it up didn’t bother. The second reason why I think this is fake is because of the user that posted it. I’m not saying names, but they are known to post things that turn out to be false. There is also the fact that someone who answers questions about bugs doesn’t have any involvement in the update part and therefore wouldn’t have known.

If this conversation does turn out to be true, there is the statement of “We have other plans for Whacking Day.” This could mean a host of things; either their “other plans” are none at all or that we could be getting a new update all together. As we know, Whacking Day was only featured in one episode of the same name. There aren’t really any other fictional holidays within the Simpsons but we could still have an event based of something.

For example, we could have an event centred around the Simpsons Movie. All the lakes in our town could become polluted, and then have Russ Cargill come to our towns and ruin everything. Our characters could be sent on a number of tasks to clean the lakes, and all of the memorable characters from the film like Spider Pig could be introduced along the way.



Let me know what you’d like to see in the comments, and remember to keep on tapping!



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