Where did that come from and should I buy it? : Crazy Cat Lady and house

Hey, today we’re continuing our series titled “Where did that come from and should i buy it?” and today we are talking about the Crazy Cat Lady. She was added as part of the Easter update and was wanted for a long time!

So, Eleanor Abernathy is the real name of the ‘Crazy cat lady’ and she is 60 years old. She is a mentally ill woman who is always surrounded by cats, which she likes. The cat lady appeared in many episodes and doesn’t really talk much because she usually talks gibberish and throws cats at passersby. In one episode, she gave Lisa a cat, Snowball V (already in game).

Eleanor used to be a smart and ambitious girl when she was younger and wanted to grow up to be a lawyer or a doctor. She earned an MD from Harvard but it didnt go as planned! She became obsessed with cats, drugs, alcohol and cutting her own hair. By time she was 40, she was thought of as a drunken lunatic. In one episode, she chases Lisa around town because Lisa insulted her.

So here’s info about her illness. She has a hoarding disorder and enjoys brief moments of lucidity after taking phsychiotic medication. When Marge mentions that the pills she takes are Reese’s pieces, she becomes rather weird and begins to behave in a bizarre way, again. Her medication is given to her so she can speak properly without speaking gibberish. Finally, she also has an ancestor who throws chameleons instead of cats.

So, should you buy it? You can buy her and her house for 180 donuts, a pretty good deal! Most character and building combos are usually around that price so it isn’t too expensive. Also, it comes with her house to add to the small variety of housing we have in game. Finally, she was always wanted to be in game and she has finally come! In my opinion, I think you should definitely buy here as she is rare and probably won’t come back for a long time! Happy tapping,



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