Simpsons Randomness: Easter Origins


In today’s Simpsons Randomness I’m going to discuss where Easter has popped up in the Simpsons. There’s not much, but the little information there is is pretty interesting.

The first isn’t necessarily Easter related, but it’s named after and features aspects of Easter. In the episode “Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” .  During the episode Bart and Milhouse visited the Museum of Television and TV (Whoever named that deserves a promotion) and during their visit they watched a show called “Easter Special”. In the show it involves people dressed as bunnys that are constantly making sexual references.










The next part of this post revolves around the episode “The Last of the Red Hat Mamas”. In the episode it is revealed that Mayor Quimby hosts an annual Easter egg hunt in the back garden of his mansion for the children of Springfield.


The referee for the Easter egg hunt is Hugs Bunny, who we got in the update.



Despite his warm and cuddly name and appearance, he takes the game very seriously; to the extent where he beats Homer up for stealing eggs for Maggie. Even though he is voiced by Hank Azaria, the actual voice we got for the character in the game was just grunts and mumbles.

Despite there being lots of Easter themed things, they are not necessarily from Easter themed episodes. For example, the Egg. Council Guy is actually from the ever-requested Stonecutters episode.


Overall, I think EA nailed the. Easter event. So far this year had been pretty disappointing, but this update gave us everything from Crazy Cat Lady to Shary Bobbins to an overweight, flying rabbit.


Thanks for reading guys, have a great Easter!


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