Poll Results + New Poll!

Hey guys, an early happy Easter!

So last week I asked you for your opinions on the new Family Guy game, the Quest for Stuff.

Here are the results:


So as you can see the response was pretty good. About a third of you are really enjoying it, a quarter of you are sort of enjoying it, another quarter of you haven’t even got it and about an eighth of you (that’s one whole person…) absolutely hate it.

Anyway, that aside it’s time to move onto this weeks poll. It’s all about the new Easter update, and more specifically the mystery box/wheel.


During the past few events we got that dreaded wheel, however during this Easter event we were given what seemed like a breath of fresh air. Although, after playing about with these Mystery Boxes, it seems that they are just glorified wheels. And to make it worse: there’s three of them. The blue, pink and gold box. You need 500 of one type of egg to give the boxes a “spin” which is an outrageous amount considering you only get one egg for tapping a bunny. It gets worse, as you can only collect blue and pink eggs from bunnys. To unlock the golden box, which has all the best prizes in, you need to win the gold eggs in the pink or blue box in either an amount of 100 or 300. That means a minimum of two spins of the pink or blue box is required to spin the golden box.

So this weeks poll is asking for your opinion on the glorified wheel. I certainly know what I’d vote for…

Happy tapping guys!


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