Thought of the week : Easter progression

Hey, welcome back to a new episode of our series titled ‘Thought of the week’. Today we are talking about how far people have progressed in the Easter update!

So, many people have complained all the way form the start how they will never get all the prizes, especially the Blocko store, Shary bobbins and Father Sean. Others have simply said they believe they will get them.  So, personally I have opened just under 20 boxes. I also got the Banana Dictatorship in my first golden box! Other than that, I haven’t got much! So, today’s simple questions are…

How many boxes have you opened?

What have you got?

So, that’s it for today’s episode, come back next week for another! Happy tapping and Happy Easter, 




7 thoughts on “Thought of the week : Easter progression

  1. sammyjo1984

    I’m opening one box a day…. two if a neighbour donates….so far fences, golden eggs, 2 Easter ponds but today I won 300 golden eggs in a pink box and for my first time in a gold box I WON FATHER SEAN!!!! I was so happy as I’d resigned myself to just enjoying the questlines and any good prize is a bonus….. so it’s early yet, we mustn’t give up hope not so early on anyway!!!


    1. wilki1999

      I know, with this update it’s great when you win something like that. I bought some eggs yesterday and the best prize I recieved was Hugs Bunny, so it can be frustrating, but dont give up as there are great prizes in the end 🙂


      1. wilki1999

        I have been fortunate enough to win hugs bunny in the box and he is a great character with great dialogue. Sadly the battle with homer task isn’t a visual one as it takes place in the town hall. He is still a great character to have though 🙂


      2. wilki1999

        Sorry, my mistake 😦 I’m informed by maximbarne126 that it is a visual task 🙂 sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you unlock him soon 🙂


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