Around the World: Australia


Hey guys. In today’s Around the World post, I’m going to be discussing the worlds sixth largest country- Australia.

Australia has only really appeared in one episode, however it has been referenced in a few episodes. “Bart vs. Australia” was the sixteenth episode of Season six, and was met with criticism due to it’s stereotyping of Australians. Despite this however, it is still shown regularly just as any normal episode.

Let’s get onto what could be added that relates to Australia-


Tobias Drundridge-


Tobias was tricked into accepting a $900 collect call from Bart. This caused an outrage in Australia, and is the premise for Bart vs Australia.

His tasks could include answering the phone and worry about an emergency.




They could also add the kangaroo seen standing between the Simpsons family. It’d be a non playable character.




Andy is the Prime Minister of Australia, and wanted to punish Bart by giving him a “booting”. His tasks could include drinking beer and chasing Bart.



Australian Flag


During the episode, we see the Australian flag. It’s not quite a hundred per cent accurate, but would be a cool decoration all the same.


So there’s this weeks edition of Around the World. I couldn’t find any buildings, unfortunately, but I still think there are some cool characters that are linked to Australia that would be really nice to have in game.

Happy tapping,



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