Looking Back: Behind the Laughter

Hi Tappers!

Today, I’m going to talk to you about an episode that aired as the 22nd episode of season 11. I like to think of it as a really different Simpsons episode – unlike all of the episodes released before and after it. It is one that really is different to the rest. We’ve had musical, halloween, christmas and non-canon episodes, but we’ve never had one like this before.It is told like the characters are actors in a sitcom-like show. I think we should begin now, so without further ado, lets take a look “Behind the Laughter”.

The start of the episode begins like a documentary – explaining how they got into show-business and their history. When they reach fame, problems begin and trust starts to break – even when Homer becomes addicted to painkillers after an accident. Marge begins to make bad investments and Bart enters rehab after attacking flight attendants leading to him being replaced by Richie Rich. The house being taken away is the final straw for the family – and they split up.

Fox is forced to stop the show and the characters go their separate ways. Homer goes into legitimate theatre, Bart replaces Lorenzo Lamas, Marge becomes a nightclub act, and Lisa writes a book that reveals the family’s secrets.

It takes Willie Nelson to schedule a fake awards ceremony to bring the family back together.

At the end of the episode, the narrator reveals where the Simpsons come from – Northern Kentucky – or does he? There have been several variations of this ending, although the most  commonly aired was Northern Kentucky, so this reveals nothing in terms of the location of the Simpsons.

On to speculation for the game.I think that there is only one thing that could be added with this episode, and that would be Willie Nelson.

His tasks could include:

  • Sing
  • Host an awards show
  • Bring the Simpsons back together
  • Catch Up with Dr Hibbert
  • Fix his comb machine

Willie Nelson

Thats all for today, but i’ll be back again for another edition of ‘Looking Back’.

Keep Tapping,



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