What we want in game : The Old Simpson Farm

Hey, welcome back to a new episode of ‘What we want in game’! Today we are going to be talking about he Old Simpson Farm and why it should be added into Tapped Out.

So, The Old Simpson Farm is where homer spent most of his child hood. It is located off Rural Route 9, a road outside of Springfield. He was raised mostly by Abe Simpson (Homer’s father). Here is some history about the farm. So, this farm is the place where the Simpson’s family took refuge. Homer was challenged to a duel by a Southerner and so made the family flee the home and they took refuge in this farm. Homer saw the opportunity and decided to get the family into farming! There was a major problem, nothing would grow on the soil. However, Homer exposed the soil to nuclear radiation from the power plant and made a hybrid of tomato and tobacco seeds. He called this Tomacco. He then grew up here for many years. He had some great times here as well! He sometimes sat in front of the TV for hours on end. The TV however, gave of radiation and because of this combined with how long he sat in front of the TV for, his shadow was burned into the floor and the wall. It was going well until Mona and Abe were forced to close the farmhouse by the bank because the milk production went sour, this happened because of the cows being traumatised by Homer shouting at them!

The farm is now rundown though, it has holes in the roof and broken windows. It has an empty living room, a room with a fireplace, a bathroom, a kitchen, a few bedrooms and a barn.

So, why should we get it? I think we should get it because after all, it is a major part of Homer’s life and he is the main character! He grew up here, had a lot of fun here and much more! So, when could it be added? I think it could be added in one of the upcoming level updates. It could also come with Mona Simpson, Abe’s wife. Tell us in the comments below what you want in Tapped Out and Happy tapping,



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