Where did that come from and should I buy it? : The Egg Council Guy

Hey, welcome back to a brand new episode of “Where did that come from and should I buy it?”. Today we will be talking about the Egg Council Guy, a character who was added as part of the Easter update.

So, The Egg council guy is not a major character as he has only appeared in 1 scene from 1 episode, ‘Homer The Great’ (S6E12). So, the Egg Council Guy is seen when Homer discovers that Lenny and Carl, his friends, are members of the secret organisation, Stonecutters. Homer discovers he wants to join the group but Lenny says to be a member of the group, he must save the life of a stonecutter. Homer gets annoyed and throws the egg salad sandwich that Lenny is eating on the floor and says that the eggs could have killed Lenny by cholesterol, therefore he saved the life of a Stonecutter. Lenny is unimpressed and says it only contains a tiny amount of cholesterol which would never have killed him. Homer replies by saying “So one of those Egg Council creeps got to you, huh?”. Lenny tries to defend himself but fails by saying ‘it’s not like that.’ Here is where the Egg Council guy appears. The egg hears what Homer said and runs away, Homer shouts after him, ” You’d better run, egg!”.

So, should you buy him? Unfortunately, you can’t buy him as you can only earn him via the boxes from the 2014 Easter event. However, if you could buy him for donuts, I wouldn’t! He has appeared in one episode and only appeared in one scene of that episode! However, he is quite cool, especially with that egg outfit! Happy tapping,



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