A duo of announcements

Hey Tappers!
I’m hopping in today in the first of hopefully a lot of posts swinging your way today.

As you may have guessed from the title, I have two announcements to bring you today, so hold on tight!

The first announcement of the day is about our resident co-founder maximbarne126. Usually, he covers a wide variety of posts weekly throughout the site bringing lots of joy to our community. However, he is going to be absent from the site for about a week as he is moving house – we wish him all the best in his move and hope everything is okay afterwards. This will mean that I am going to be covering the vast majority of his posts, so watch out! I will be looking for a guest post or two to showcase, so email tstofanworld123@gmail.com for your chance to be showcased here. We love the input from our readers, and it can be on absolutely anything you wish. I hope to be posting this on Tuesday, so watch out then!

Our second announcement actually concerns the game. If you havent already noticed, Level 40 has joined us and we are in for a treat. In this school-themed update, we recieved three characters! They are Mrs Hoover, Mr Largo and the Cocoa Beanie!


The buildings available are the “Ah Fudge Factory” which is part of the questline and unlocks Mrs Hoover and the Cocoa Beanie.


Also available is the “Lotto ‘N’ Liquor” which is premium with Mr Largo.


Thats it for buildings and characters, but as I say, I’ll be back in very soon for more fun

Keep Tapping!



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