Brick like me character comparisons

Hey Tappers,

I’m dropping in today to bring you the second instalment of the build up to “Brick like me”. Today I am going to be comparing the episode to the lego mini figures and the house.

I’m going to start with the house.

This is the purchasable lego house.

And this is the one you will see in the episode. I think that this one doesn’t look as lego as the other one, considering this is cgi.

This picture is one of the family taken from the episode.

And this image is of the purchasable family. I do think that the other characters look more like lego but the actual lego minifigures were more structured to look like the family.

These are the lego minifigures available.

I was unable to find any pictures of the characters in the episode apart from nelson and the family. To me, Nelson does look incredibly cgi in this picture.

Well, that is todays fix on brick like me, I’ll be back tomorrow for more.

Keep tapping!



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