Get the lowdown: Level 40

Hey tappers!

Sorry that this is a day late for those of you who may have wanted this yesterday, I’ll make up for it by bringing it today! As always, this post contains the information from Mrfy at tsto topix plus a few extra additions of my own. Here it is:

  • Mrs Hoover, Mr Largo and the Cocoa beanie were added to the game
  • The Ah Fudge! Factory and Lotto N Liquor were the buildings added to the game
  • The Concrete wall and crashed police car (krustyland) were two decorations added to the game
  • Squeaky Voice Teen’s quest Something For The Resume, Part 2 can now start as early as level 5.
  • Otto and BumbleBee Man’s starting quests along with his side quests can now start as early as level 5.
  • Santa’s Little Helper Topiary was finally added to the game, when it has been in the files forever. Original data had it costing $1800 and contributing 240 points to Tree-hugging, but now it costs 30 donuts and gives 100 Vanity points and half a percentage point bonus.
  • The Office of Unemployment gives 10,000 XP when built when it used to give 11,000.
  • An extra level of base multipliers was added to the levels. Level 40 buildings now cost 4 times the base price! Ow. Which means that the Aw Fudge Factory costs $600,000! And there wasn’t the usual drop in other levels building prices. Current multipliers are now: levels 1-33 = 1x, 34 = 1.3x, 35 = 1.3x, 36 = 1.4x, 37 = 1.6x, 38 = 2.0x, 39 = 3.0x, 40 = 4x.

I think that is everything that’s changed, let me know if anything else is different.

Keep Tapping!



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