Simpsons Randomness: An unexpected level 40

Hello Tappers!

You may notice a change of face in this area as well this evening, but never fear, the Cheif is fine, just busy. I’m hopping in to bring you the randomness for the day.

We got level 40 yesterday and I think that it is safe to say no one expected it’s arrival. We were all busy attempting to get those characters and buildings from the mystery boxes and suddenly… an update hits.

I was glad that we got Mrs Hoover and Mr Largo in the game because the game hasn’t made sense for a while without them. But what I am interested in is why? Why did we get the level update in the middle of the easter update? Why did the characters come with the buildings they came with? Why did we get these characters? Well never fear because I am here and I will get to the bottom of these questions.

The first I’m going to take a look at is why give this to us during an event? The last time this happened was for level 24 when it hit during the Christmas 2012 event. Well here is my theory for the reasoning with this update. I’m sure you will agree that while the event bought loads of content, it is incredibly hard to get everything. I therefore think that EA felt guilty, and also wanted to add a new level before people had a chance to complain about not getting one.

Next, I’m going to have a look at the history and the interaction between the characters and the buildings.

The Cocoa beanie is fairly simple – he is the mascot of the Ah Fudge! Factory.

Mrs Hoover seems to have no real connection with the building, just a way to add her into the game.

Mr Largo also has no real connection with the building but it does make sense because the teachers don’t really like their jobs hence why they would go there.

The final question is why did we get these characters? I think that the answer to this is fairly simple and is no other than the simple fact that it made sense as they are some of the highest profile characters to not have been added in the game yet.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, Chief will be back as usual next week.

Keep Tapping!



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