Where did that come from: Ah Fudge Factory

Hey tappers!

I’m back again to bring you a factfile on the history of a new level 40 building. After it’s release today, we will be releasing plenty of posts on the history of it’s contents. Our first post from level 40 is the Ah Fudge Factory – so let’s get going!

The factory itself has only made an appearance in one episode – “Bart the Murderer”. However, a product was seen on the shelf in “Sweets and Sour Marge” and a stand was seen in “Simple Simpson”. I will try to give you the best information I can on the factory, but it is a building we see very little of.

It is located in Downtown Springfield, and people ca witness the chocolate being made in all different ways.

Although this post isn’t about the Cocoa Beanie, I am going to give you some backing info on him. He is the old, mascot of the company and children aren’t allowed within three feet of him unless documents have been signed saying they can.

That’s all I can offer on the “Ah Fudge Factory”, comment below if I have missed anything and I will add it. Until next time!

Keep Tapping!



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