All about TSTO – a special appearance

Hiya tappers!

I’m happy to be able to tell you today that we have a special guest writing for us. It is Dlava7 from all about tsto. Here is his post, and you can find more from him, including my guiest post at his site on their website.

Hello. This is Dlava7, from I was granted the chance to write a guest post by Wilki1999, and so it is my pleasure to make this post.

Many of us who haven’t spent any donuts on eggs still probably have one or two prizes they still have to win from their common color box. Personally, I still need to get Chirpy Boy and Bart Junior from the pink box, and I have yet to win Johnny Fiesta’s or Egg Council guy from the blue box. At this point, I have been thinking about whether or not to exchange pink eggs for blue eggs, so here are my thoughts.

As of right now, I want to win Chirpy Boy & Bart Junior more than any prize in the blue box. If the prize you want most is in your dominant color box, than keep getting eggs of your dominant color box. If not, trade eggs to get eggs of the color of the box of the prize you want. Eventually, however, you will probably reach a point where one of the boxes has no unique prizes left in it. When you reach this point, there are two scenarios:
A) you have no unique prizes left in the box of your dominant color, or
B) you have no unique prizes left in the box of your non-dominant color

If you have scenario A, then trade all of your dominant colored eggs in. If you have scenario B, then keep collecting your eggs without trading any. When you have no prizes left of your dominant color, then trade them back for eggs of your non-dominant color. The reasoning behind this is that it is almost impossible to win all of the prizes in the golden box than in any other box. The box of your non dominant color gives you 3x more eggs than the box of your dominant color, with the exchange rate being 2:1. In other words, trading in your dominant-colored eggs will get you 1.5x more golden eggs than eggs of your dominant color, which over time may get you a few boxes more.
This is all for my guest post. 
Thank you, 


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