Brick Like Me: An episode tie-in?

Hello tappers!

This post is going to investigate the unlikely possibility of an episode tie-in for Sunday’s upcoming Simpsons episode “Brick Like Me”.

So as I have already said, it is hgihly unlikely that we will get an episode tie-in now as, where I am, it is nearly 10pm and tie-ins would have been out earlier and on Thursday. But who knows? EA may spring a tie-in on us and I’d like to discuss the possibility of it.

I think that if we got a tie-in it would be within the next 12 hours and no more otherwise there wouldnt be much point. I also think that if EA did bring out a tie-in, the following would happen:

Homer would start by talking to his lego self. and after the first quest, lego Homer would join the game. I then think that the blocko store could get involved, and if you don’t already have it then you have to buy it for some in-game cash. After doing that, I think that a wheel could be unlocked with several lego characters on it. If you send lego Homer on a certain quest, then it unlocks a wheel spin. Then when you have another character, you can send them on the same task for two spins and so on. When you have everyone, the wheel goes.

What do you think of the idea? Would you like to see another wheel? Could we see lego characters in the game in a different way? Well why not sound off in the comments below!?

Thats all for now, so,

Keep Tapping!



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